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Welcome to the website of Pluimveepraktijk Noord & Oost

Pluimveepraktijk Noord & Oost is a modern veterinary practice specialized in poultry, with specialized teams in Slagharen and Leek. Our six qualified poultry veterinarians use their many years of experience in poultry health care and broad knowledge of behavior, nutrition and management, to provide complete veterinary service.


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Services can be provided in several areas of the commercial poultry industry, for example in broiler (breeder) farms, commercial egg laying farms, duck farms and hatcheries.

On both locations in Slagharen and Leek a laboratory is available where analysts perform post mortems and laboratory work, to get a quick overview of the health status of a flock. From our pharmacy we can provide you with vaccines, antibiotics and feed supplements.

Pluimveepraktijk Noord & Oost has a partnership with another poultry practice, Pluimveepraktijk Zuid-Nederland. Together they are called the 'Gespecialiseerde Pluimveepraktijken Nederland' (GPN). Both practices collect data in AVIDATA, an in-house developed database, and this way knowledge and data are exchanged.



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